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What is Firewall

A firewall is a system that is designed to prevent unauthorized access from entering a private network.

creates a safety barrier between a private and the public internet.

*Firewall Rules

Firewall rules can be based on:

. IP address

. Domain names

. Protocols

. Programs

. Ports

. Key words

Firewall Types:

1. Host-based firewall :-

# Software firewall that is installed on a computer.

# Protect that computer only

# A lot of antivirus programs come with a host-based firewall

# Host_based firewall example:- Microsoft Windows Firewall

2. Network based firewall :-

# Combination of hardware and software

# Protects an Entire network

3. Stand-alone firewall

4. Routers have a built-in firewall

5. Cloud firewall



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