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Smart City of the Future

Smart cities begin with smart buildings which use automated systems to operate the building's activities automatically.Cities are increasing, and they change. And creativity plays an important part in that transition.

Hunter-gatherers mastered the secrets of selective breeding and cultivation nearly ten thousand years ago, and continued to cultivate their own food. Human beings found a way to live for the first time in history, without traveling to another region to search new supply of energy. And that is how it all began.

The City of the Future

How will future city look like?

There isn't just one good reply.

Cities are created by the people who inhabit them, and they are deeply influenced by society and the city itself. Thus, two towns facing the same problem may require two various approaches.And that is probably the main challenge when trying to build a Smart City. Not just a city that uses cool technologies, a Smart City is. It's a city that studies its residents' behaviors and needs carefully, and tries to address them in the most suitable way.

How Smart City Works

smart cities in future until 2050,80% populations lives in cities

The best way for a city to ensure that a data analysis development plan leads to further innovation is to focus research efforts on important areas that recognize high-priority problems and generate massive, results quickly. Front-line employees won't use new tools unless they meet their needs and don't fit in with their methods.

As internet of things ( iot is more common in the everyday items we use, and these products interact with each other, a more detailed collection of big data can be checked. City water supplies that can be tracked and analyzed by sensors to decide if there are leaks or obstructions that will affect water system pressure are some potential applications for big data.Experts are able to detect contamination from water so they can fix the situation. By trying to understand patterns from the data obtained by IoT, data analysts can also figure out where to boost the economy, crime and universal healthcare.


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