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python basic data types

Data types

Data type is a significant concept in programming.

Variables may store different types of data, and specific types of data can do different things.

Python has constructed-in data forms in these categories, by default:

Text Type : str
Numeric Types: int, float,complex
Sequence Types: list, tuple,range
Mapping Type: dict
Set Types: set,frozenset
Boolean Type: bool
Binary Types: bytes,bytearray,memoryview

Data Type Examples:

String :-y="Hello World" 

int :- y = 20

float :-  y = 20.5

dict :-  y = {"name" : "any", "age" : 18}

bool :-  y = True

set :-  y = {"apple", "orange", "cherry"}

complex :-  y = 1j

range :-  y = range(6)


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